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Breast lifting

Breast lift procedure

The best candidates for breast lift (mastopexy) are women who have significantly sagging breast skin. The reason of such a situation is ageing process, weight loss, long breast feeding, post-pregnancy, etc. Breast lifting abroad in PolandThe surgery involves cut of skin excess, lift of gland and reposition of nipples in order to gain a result of firm and perky breasts. There is also a possibility of inserting implant during the same procedure. 

During direct assessment a plastic surgeon is choosing the best techniques of breast lift for particular patient. Depending on extent of sagging breasts, their shape and size the most common techniques are: so called incision upside down T letter (round the nipple, vertically down and in natural curve below the breast), L letter (round the nipple and vertically down) or only round the nipple incision. The surgery takes about 2-3 hours and is performed in general anaesthesia. The surgery leaves patient with visible scars. 

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After the surgery a patient should stay in the clinic at least 2 nights. It should be enough to remove drains after that time. During first week a patient feels pain and discomfort which can be controlled by painkillers. During first 6 weeks it is necessary to wear a special bra, some surgeons recommend also wearing a special band above the breasts. Depending on the surgeon there can be soluble or dissoluble stitches (dissoluble stitches should be removed after 12 days). In case of office workers 1 week of work leave is recommended where as in case of manual workers 2 weeks of work leave are recommended. It is normal for the swelling to take even up to a few weeks. Scars will be pink up to a few months, about 3 weeks after the surgery incision should be treated with a special ointments that help to heal the scars and make them whiten. 

Although breast lift is rather safe procedure, each surgery caries some risk. It does not harm a breast gland so there is a possibility of breast feeding in the future. A complication can be permanent difference in nipple sensation, bleeding, infection. All risks connected with undergoing the surgery should be discussed with your surgeon during direct assessment. 

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